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Trime X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE Lighting Towers

The Trime X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE or glare-free lighting tower can help improve productivity and enhance safety. The antiglare properties of the X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE tower light imitate ordinary daylight thus helping to create a safer working environment by reducing eye strain. The X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE is powered through ordinary 230-volt mains power, and delivers zero noise and no emission site lighting. The X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE is fitted with a patented mast emergency brake which prevents the falling of the mast in case of cable failure. The Trime X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE is ideally suited for lighting on construction sites, film and TV lighting, as well as trackside projects, outside events, and for the hire and rental markets. The Trime X-CHAIN ANTI-GLARE is another component in the Trime T-ZERO PRO range of low and zero-emission lighting sets.



  • Multi-directional, adjustable and tiltable floodlights
  • 5 sections vertical tower 7m, 340° rotatable
  • Manual lifting system by winch complete with auto-braking system
  • Galvanized metalworks
  • 80 μm powder coating
  • Very compact dimensions for easy handling & transportability, up to 33 units per truck
  • Light weight for improved manoeuvrability
  • Central lifting eye forklift pockets for effective handling
  • Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation
  • Circuit breaker for electrical protection against overload
  • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • 4 extendable & height-adjustable stabilizers
  • On board levels for guidance during stabilization
  • Patented mast emergency brake which prevents the falling of the mast in case of cable
  • Winch cover
  • Top electrical box protection cover
  • 2 Retractable galvanized handles
  • Light Sensor as a standard feature
  • Bolted Central lifting eye