Full battery is a range of lighting towers with integrated generating sets which allows the use of the machine where it is not possible to use external energy sources. Ideal for work in the most difficult work sites.

SOLAR line

Lighting towers with solar panels that charge the battery. Ideal for the Rental, Construction and Event market. Uses Zero Fuel and produces Zero Noise and Emissions. Tried and tested innovative, long lasting and safe.


Specific line of lighting towers equipped with hybrid power supply system: a series of rechargeable batteries integrated by a diesel motor. The combined system offers great advantages in terms of fuel savings, reduction of CO2 emissions and job opportunities in the night even in built-up areas.

PLUG-IN line

A wide range of electric-powered models provide compact size, ease of transport and economy. The various models meet the most demanding requirements for each application.


Our engineers know that the market needs a lighting tower that is rugged, long lasting and safe. The engine powered range has been created from the start based on these characteristics, it is the best solution to your needs. Added to this we added technology that allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.


A range of lighting towers with all the power from engine to ensure the best illumination in the darkest places. The mining sector now has a dedicated answer to their needs