WASH bays

X-WASH is a range of ecological, flexible cleaning systems for plant and machinery, which prevents soil pollution and contamination of drains, from oil, grease, and chemical contaminants.
The washing bay joined to the separator tank section, makes a closed-circuit system that recycles the water through a number of filters which retain heavy substances, hydrocarbons and oils.

Water Recycling Interceptor System

The water from the wash bay is typically made up by the presence of various types of pollutants, such as suspended solids (sands, muds, gravel, stone chips and other residues), detergents, oils and hydrocarbons.
The use of an X-Wash helps to guard against prosecution under the UK Environmental Acts, including: Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Sect 33), Environmental Permitting (England and Wales), (Regulations 2010, Reg 12, 38(1-3), and the Water Industry Act (1991).