Water treatment systems

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Dirty water is pumped from the collection tank into the Filtration Tank

• Increases the filtration surfaces for pollutants in suspension and hydrocarbons

• Slows down the flow of water to allow separation of particulates

• Booster pump to supply clean water to your pressure washer

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The dirty water from the Interceptor collection tank is typically made up by a range of contaminants such as sand and mud in suspension, aggregates and residues of hydrocarbons. This requires a variety of filters to remove these pollutants. In the X-60 Filtration Tank each of the three tanks holds 2000ltrs of water, so 6000ltrs in total. The tanks are able to separate mud, oil and hydrocarbons through a system of filtration and the settlement of sedimentation. The first tank allows heavy sediment to sink to the bottom of the tank whilst the hydrocarbons float to the top. The water is then filtered off to the second tank. The second tank is where the hydrocarbons are removed via the use of coalescing filtration. The water is then passed through to the third tank which passes the clean lightly chlorinated water through a fine filter as it delivers water via a booster pump to the pressure washer. The X-60 Tanks are ready assembled in a stainless steel frame for ease of handling and installation.

It should be remembered that the solids and contaminants removed from the X-60 should be disposed of with your contaminated waste and disposed of accordingly.

x60 specifications