The Trime X-MINE MONSTER is a unique lighting tower fitted onto wide crawler undercarriage. This arrangement ensures that the X-MINE MONSTER lighting set remains secure and stable in all-terrain, enabling it to deliver bright, safe lighting levels irrespective of the ground conditions. Should the X-MINE MONSTER tower light encounter a short climb or descent, the dynamic levelling system of the X-MINE MONSTER will automatically tilt the mast. This ensures that the X-MINE MONSTER remains perfectly vertical at all times and that the lamps are steady, which confirms correctly targeted lighting. The X-MINE MONSTER is fitted with thirty multi-directional and adjustable 150W, energy-saving LED lamps. This equates to 5700 watts of light fitted onto a 10-metre hydraulic and foldable mast, with 240-degree rotation, delivering up to 24,500 square metres of illumination. The X-MINE MONSTER is ideally suited for mine work, demolition sites and construction projects.


  • Multi-directionally electric adjustable and tiltable LED panel
  • 10 meters hydraulic and foldable mast
  • Galvanized metalworks
  • 80 μc powder coating
  • Robust lifting eyes
  • Cable protected inside the mast with automatic reel
  • Circuit breaker for electrical protection
  • Outlet auxiliary socket
  • High efficiency Kubota engine coupled with heavy duty Linz Electric alternator
  • Wide crawler undercarriage to be secure and stable in any situation
  • Constantly horizontal thanks to the dynamic levelling technology
  • DSE 401
  • Electric light Tilting
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