Separation tank solution

1000 liters capacity

The dirty water from the X-Wash wash bay areas is typically made up by a range of contaminants such as sand and mud in suspension, aggregates and residues of hydrocarbons. This requires a variety of filters to remove these pollutants. 



The X-10 Filtration Tank holds 1000ltrs of water. Dirty water pumped into the X-10 is passed through the first filter, which is the sand trap. This captures the heavier sediment that has been sucked out of the washbay collection tank allowing the water to flow into the first wet chamber of the X-10


The water then flows under a baffle into the second wet chamber. Chambers one and two also contain a hydrocarbon mat to absorb any detergents or oily residues.

The water then flows over a weir into the third wet chamber of the X-10 which has a large filter mat to remove any remaining pollutants before the water flows under the baffle into the fourth wet chamber.

In this chamber the water is lightly chlorinated and is considered clean enough to be reused through a pressure washer.

When a pressure washer connected to the system is turned on the booster pump fitted to the X-10 will activate to supply water at tap pressure to the pressure washer. Water from the fourth wet chamber passes through a final fine filter before entering the pump.

X-10 infographic
It should be remembered that the solids and contaminants removed from the X-10 should be disposed of with your contaminated waste and disposed of accordingly.
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Water Recycling Interceptor System

  • Dirty water is pumped from the collection tank into the Filtration Tank
  • Increases the filtration surfaces for pollutants in suspension and hydrocarbons
  • Slows down the flow of water to allow separation of particulates
  • Booster pump to supply clean water to your pressure washer
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